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    Default How to break ice with standoffish girl at work?

    I work in a department store and there's a girl working for a different company across the floor from me, one of the prettiest girls I've ever seen. Basically my problem lies with the fact that she comes across as being completely rude. The only time I ever spoke to her was a quick smile and a "hi" when I returned some stock to her (I deliberately approached her rather than the others) to which she responded with a cold, false smile and she didn't say anything.

    I accidentally caught eye contact with her once while talking to someone else, so I held her gaze for a couple of seconds before smiling and looking back to the person I was speaking to. She looked kind of awkward and looked away..

    Since then I've caught her staring at me a few times from afar. So I think she's possibly just incredibly awkward or shy or something. The problem is, so am I to a certain level. Unless I get obvious IOIs from somebody instead of rudeness, I have difficulty approaching unless I've had a bit to drink, which isn't practical at work.

    What is the best way to break the ice with a standoffish girl? preferably without doing anything wild and out there, as if I mess up I'll get ripped to shreds by my colleagues.

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    Default Re: How to break ice with standoffish girl at work?

    Get a white flag of truce and go direct. Deal is this going direct is the best way if she doesn't like you she will at least respect you for having the balls to directly approach, if she is shy you cannot be or it will just be awkward.

    So time to nut-up or shut-up bring your white flag of surrender for comical relief if she starts getting out of hand and figure it out.

    2 shy people trying to talk is silence
    Learn to be a better person not a better player.

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