Like I mentioned earlier I'm still learning and fairly new. I've actually had pretty good success with very little information the last time I learned pick-up. But then I got into a relationship and it killed all the skills I worked on. So here is my specific situation and its one I cannot find the answer to on this forum.
I feel like the my biggest drawback doesn't come from AA or not knowing what to say but from not having male friends as social proof. I have a suspicion that this is just a limiting belief because last time I didn't have it and still pulled it off. But it really feels like I can't lie when I say "My friends and I.." I would much rather actually have a group there. Not to fall back on, I would approach solo.

So to make it short, how would I go about meeting other males and make them my friend/bring them to my group?

I know that sounds weird but it would definitely help.And they don't specifically have to be PUAs but at least not total tools. Like I said weird question but I hope you guys take it seriously.