Hello PUAs,
yesterday I went to a club outside the city in which I saw a Russian girl who I approached. I got all the IOIs but still failed to close successfully.

the convo went something like this:
I cant really remember the opening

Me: is this how you guys party?
her: Im russian and I cant speak proper english
me: ur english is perfect, what you talking about?
her: (giggles) thanks, why r u outside?
me: I saw a cute girl bored outside and came to get her.(put my arm around her waist and she put her arm around mine) we walked in the club and she wanted to go to the bar but i took her to the dance floor. after dancing for a few minutes, we went and sat down. i had her hand in my hands and did the trust test and she passed. after she took her phone out and took pics. after that I took her hands n put em on my shoulders and leaned in for a kiss but she kissed her two fingers and touched my lips and then smiled, got up and left.
where did i go wrong?