hey,so i managed to get this girl at the party last night to kiss me. i grabbed her hand isolated her and told her ive been dying to kiss her, and then asked whats her excuse to not let me. and she said nothing but only one kiss. and we made out for like 30 seconds. she liked it and later i made out with her again. we left separate and i made out with this girls bestfriend last weekend. ( she already knew ) but this girl i really liked. and this is the convo they day after
me: good time last night. gotta do it again
she: you're cute. oh you think we should?
me: pfft girl, i know u liked it even more than me! u told me 1 kiss and u just kept on kissing me!
she: oh really?
me: well well, i guess i'll hear from you.
she: yes i will!

so i really wanna get together with this girl. she seems into it but at the same time she's not. i think i messed up abit writing pretty instantly after the party and when i told her i'll hear from her. it makes me not have control over the situation. what do you think i should do right now? and what could i have done better? thanks in advance. /erixzon