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Thread: Farked up the K-close... does she want it?!

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    Default Farked up the K-close... does she want it?!

    This HB7 I talk to at school (highschool) decided to lead me down a isolated hallway during lunch break and we managed to end up sitting down on a staircase together, I did some Kino by touching her arm while talking about a few things, and I knew it was the perfect opportunity to go for a K-close so I use the ASK Method "PUA:Are you the adventurous type?" After her reponse I was going to say "are you a good kisser?" but she draged my first question into a new topic and I missed my chance to say it >.< I guess because I hesitated and didn't say it fast enough.. So now ill have to find another way to k-close since I lost my best chance.. BUT THEN

    After school she didn't even wait for her friend (that C-Blocker 101) and we walked together . We said our goodbyes with a hug but this time I decided to give her a kiss on the cheek after the hug. she (gently pulled my hair and smiled) <-Big IOI?? Does this mean I have another chance to k-close when we see each other? I don't know what I should do this time when I see her again and I really want to k-close next time we meet.

    Any advise on what I can say when attempting to go for it again? And do you think she expected something to happen when only us were sitting in the staircase? I normally have trouble thinking of things on the spot so I try to memorize certain methods..

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    Default Re: Farked up the K-close... does she want it?!

    1 don't try to much in the actual high school because theres usyally camera's and a cop. But a k close shouldn't be bad there. I would say try again if she's still spending time with you she's not turned off yet. Dont memorize too much though even in high school they can smell a line a mile away. Be creative! Good luck with your endeavors and remember to suit up!

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