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    Default Help me figure out what she meant?

    Last night I seen a girl I have a crush on at the club. We hugged and talked for a little then she got pulled away by her drunk friend.

    I drunk messaged her on facebook that night telling her it was nice seeing her and that I wanted her (facepalm).

    This morning her reply was "thanx??" "But I'm with someone right now, and it was good seeing you as well" Then I replied apologizing for the drunk message and she wrote back saying that we should still hang out sometime, then she gave me her # and told me to hit her up sometime. What exactly did she mean by that? Am I really in the "friend zone" or is she hinting? or?

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    Default Re: Help me figure out what she meant?

    When you drunk messaged her you were in the the friendzone.
    but since she gave you her number i'll say your in the greyzone.
    to need to flip the dynamic in the your favour.

    You may text her this back if you haven't.if you have you may update this thread

    sure..there is this thing i must do ..

    This should keep you in the dynamic where you are not available(the prize).. cuz trust me you kinda damaged your alpha value when she texted you the boyfriend thing.but i think it all kinda well now.

    the text also implies you were not affected by that so in case you are working on material she won't feel like you were bored.this alone could amp attraction.

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