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    Default Treading in deep water. Picking up friend of girl already dating

    Alright gentlemen, I'm in an unfamiliar situation again, stressful, but exciting. Hanging out with HB7 for about 3 months now. Went to a friend's party with her in which a moment of irrationality came into play and I decided to kiss another girl, HB8, who was digging me all night at this party. Complete discretion until she decided to tell everyone the next morning (I wasn't there). Played it off terribly when I got called out initially, lost a few trust points, but managed to hang on. Thing is, now I'd like to hang out with the girl who I kissed.

    HB8 is friends with the person who threw the party, who happens to be best friends with HB7, but HB7 and HB8 aren't really friends. I don't want to step into this unless I know she can keep her mouth shut. This is what I got so far, sending her a message on FB.

    Me: Hey there missy, I got a bone to pick with you...
    Her: Hahaha ohh boyy... whats up?
    Me: How about a lil discretion you butt
    Her: I'm sorry! I didn't know you and HB7 were a thing! I feel like such a jerk I'm sorry
    Me Pending: No need to feel like a jerk... HB7 and I aren't dating. And it was my doing, a lil irrationality comin into play :/ just a little inappropriate. But still, play nice! You may make it up to me tho... free subs for life

    She works at subway

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    Default Re: Treading in deep water. Picking up friend of girl already dating

    I feel like your doing great and your fb conversation is great as well.

    I don't think she'll keep her mouth shut if she already opened it once. Seems like she has a need for attention.

    I would explain to HB7 that you enjoy her company, and the emotional side, but also value the physical side to the relationship as well, and don't see a reason for either to stop.

    Let her know you want to continue seeing her, but that you want to have fun, and have new experiences and meet new people as well, not necessarily sexual, but that you are single and like having the option, and encourage her to do the same!

    Odds are she won't, she'll accept the offer, and be torn up inside when big mouth HB8 is the reason you're always "busy."

    After closing HB8 I'd probably give the same speech. She clearly doesn't care anyways that you were seeing someone else. But at least you would be honest with both and it would be their choice if they got heartbroken.

    *I'm not an expert so please don't hold me liable*

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