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    Default Trying to fclose this girl this sunday

    Ok so here's the story.

    Girl at work (7.5 meh, but I need to just get back into the game)

    Flirted a lot (I said she was a stripper, told her I was a stripper, she kept loling, saying she was gonna go where I work)

    Made plans with her last weekend. I didn't call or anything I just lost interest.

    Said we should hang out this Sunday she's like
    "wtf you better call me this time"

    Today she says "I can't think of what we can do"

    I said "let me plan something"

    She says "ok, but nothing sexual" smiling...

    I smiled slyly and said "Oh I'll think of something"

    WTF did she say nothing sexual for? All I want to do is sleep with this girl. I was going to take her out to play pool (I love playing pool) red box movie, bring her home fclose.

    I was probably just gonna do a freeze out if she gets LMR but-

    Should I continue on like she had never said anything at all about
    "nothing sexual?"

    I refuse to fall into her frame and need to know the best way to plan the fclose?
    .-* WWWEEE *-.

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    Default Re: Trying to fclose this girl this sunday

    Just continue as if she hadn't said that. If something happens on your date she can blame it on you on why she had sex. It's also a sh1t test.

    At some point when you are playing pool when the conversation and kino escalate just say, " I am not very good at following instructions."

    She'll ask," why"

    You can reply with, " You told me to not plan anything sexual. 30 minutes into the date and I already have you playing with balls and a big stick. Damn, I am good" Say it with a flirty voice.

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