Guys I have an experience to share and a question to ask:

A month ago I approached a very pretty girl in a shopping center. She said she was very flattered but she was dating a guy. Then she offered to be friends but I said it was not a good idea because I had approached her and it would be difficult to be just friends. After some more chat I said maybe we can go to bars and clubs with some friends sometimes so we exchanged numbers.

Knowing she had a boyfriend I did not text her at all until last Monday when I was sitting in toilet and playing with my iPhone (well that's one way to get away with work isn't it? ). I noticed her number and texted her " Hi Melissa how are you"? And she replied "Hi.. who are you"? Then I said "I met you in a shopping center a while a go and you gave me your number". She reminded me and my name and kept texting. During texting I turned the subject to something around her dog, her sister, the food she cooks, where she likes to travel etc! I felt it helped a lot to create banter. Then I said I wanted to meet her and we set a date for the coming Sunday.

So the experience that I want to share is that please always keep the numbers you get and try to recycle them sometime later :-)

My question is that in a situation like this that there is almost one week between the time we agree on a meetup and the actual date, how often can I text her and what openers can I use? when you chat too much over text it might kill attraction and if I don't text for 2-3 days it may kill attraction too. Also canned cheesy openers that you find on the Internet don't come handy in such a situation.