A highschool field trip to a aquarium with a 3 hour bus ride sitting next to this HB I wanted to kiss made it feel like the perfect place to k-close, unfortunately other friends noticed me with her and decided to sit around us (sorta c-blocked for 3 hours). Though throughout that bus ride there has been serious Kino Escalations from hair>hands>legs (thighs).

I use NEGS a bit and made her laugh a few times and when we finished seeing everything in the aquarium I sat down cause my legs were tired from walking and she did as well. I decided the time was right so I asked "do you like surprises" she said no then said "well sometimes,depends" I went for the k-close and she turned her head away then said "I have a boyfriend".... After that failed attempt I played it cool like if nothing ever happen throughout the trip back

She told me about her bf before but that was about 2 months ago when we first started talking and never mentioned him again till that moment so I assumed she just made it up..
I'm confused on how if she had a bf and still let me use Serious Kino with her.

I thought I had everything perfect but it seems like a facked up somewhere??
What do you guys think was my mistake? (Personally I think it was sexual tension but I could be wrong) And do you guys think I can get another chance to k-close her?(her bday is coming soon and I wanted to do the birthday k-close line) need advise please, thanks