Been with a girl for 13 months. When we first met ran some PUA stuff on her and while we were hooking up she wasn't that into me.

She went on a break and when she came back I decided that the PUA stuff wasn't working and just be myself. Things changed and she was totally into me.

Even looking at her emails one day she messaged a friend saying at first I was a jerk but then became the man she was looking for buying flowers and everything.

*Fast Forward 13 months*

I began to get needy and she begans to push away. Sex dies down. We get into a huge fight about her texting her ex.I end up walking.

I end up going back and she gets angry and says she wants to take a break and doesn't think we should talk for a bit. Thing is during this time she'll be heading back to Texas where her ex is who she is still friends with...

If I go no contact by letting her leave without talking or break things off completely. It almost gives her the green light to bang other guys. How can I clarify this "break"?