I saw this girl twice, first time at a bar i went direct game. Second time we went out to get froyo. I tried to kiss but she denied. She's initiated text twice so far after that and I've done no initiations through text but i will tomorrow.

I'm concerned about texting too much and I'm looking into escalating the texts more sexually through innuendos but I'm playing it safe because I don't think I have the frame for it. Also I'm confused as to how effective my texting is so I wanted to post one or two message periods and get some feedback, but also some general direction would be great.

After the froyo and denied kiss:
Me: Hey, i had a good time earlier. btw your palm reading, it wasn't as bad as you think haha
Her: haha yea that was nice. It wasn't? Are you sure?
Me: Sure thing, you'll be a bongo rockstar (earlier reference). That'll be 20 dollars for my services +tip
Her: Yeah...hah ok
Me: ..good luck with the job

Than she texted me back awhile later asking about my favorite place I've lived and we had some back and forth texting.

Earlier today she texted me:
Her: So i had to get drug tested for my job and it took me over two hours to complete taht section due to an empty bladder.
Me: hahaha, that suckkks! So thinking of waterfalls and babbling creeks didn't do it for you?
Her: No. too much pressure but after I chugged a bottle of water, I became successful
Me: Haha the way you phrased that makes tinkling sound like a huge feat you overcame. I hate drug tests, so awkward
Her: Yeah I didn't know whether to make conversation or not
Me: There's nothing to talk about haha, almost as bad as when a doctor talks to me during a physical. whyyyy
Her: hah what's even more awkward is that my old doctor is my neighbor and my dads bestfriend...
Me: Hah! I'm so glad I never have to go through that. though if you need one just go next door, super simple.

And then no reply. I didn't think there was anything wrong with it but that's my problem is that I don't know the boundary and I'm hoping for some guidance. Thanks and let me know if I need to include anything else