Ill try n keep this short. I was fooling around with HB9 for about a month, got out of the friend zone n everything. Then she started flaking on me, lied to me to much and lied to me about seeing her ex among other things so one day she texted me n i said i deleted her number. She got back with her ex n that was the end of it for about 2 months. Then she started texting me once n a while first time (shes drunk) i said i didnt know whos number this was, 2nd she wished me a happy b day i just said thanks hb, 3rd time (both drunk) she says "heyyy" and i was cold n kept things short. I know shell text me again.
I wanna f close this girl but im not sure how to go about it as i dont wanna end up in the friend zone or show to much interest and lose attraction. So any thoughts on what my next move should be?