This is freaking retarded I can honestly understand why all guys say women are confusing as balls. There is this girl HB 10 that calls me her "bestfriend" we're 18 and high schoolers but before then (2 years ago) she was IN LOVE with me. Almost every girl Ive ever talked to has told me I was "Perfect" that was the case with this but thing is Ive never make moves on Women.... until recently I understood thats where Im going wrong... anyways I was friendzoned I did all the techniques to get myself out of there and I would say worked great. I ignored her but gave her little responses from time to time and she would constantly try everything in the world to get my attention like on facebook, twitter, and all the other social networks. she asked me to hang out again so I pick her up and the "perfect" guy I was she fell in love all over again she asked me to hang out the following day, told her id let her know but shes a 10 so she knew I wanted to meet up again no doubt. which I didnt figure at the time, so the next day, pick her up to go to her friends for a party which i didnt want to go to so I told her Id come back an she should let me know what she is doing that night. NOTHING. after calls and text asking her whats happening tonight. PISSED blah blah blah.. ignored her she came back saying she wants to SLEEP OVER MY PLACE there is no way im turning that down. take her to my friends place im flirting pretty hardcore and she was flirting back same exact way, legs all over me, laughing at all my jokes, etc. then when I started Kino she says she very uncomfortable... even though shes all over me... I took it as a sh1t test so I continued to a minimum.. then it went downfreakinghill from there.. she stops laughing and etc so I was like wtf is happening long story short she hooks up with someother guy and leaves with him her excuse was "oh were friends you know I want to hook up with some one tonight" ignored her now shes back... I just want to fark her that's it nothing else just to get in her freaking head. SORRY ABOUT THE HORRIBLE GRAMMAR I WAS IN A HURRY BUT PLEASE HELP