Hi Everyone,

Some advice/suggestions on this one would be greatly appreciated, as I think I may have missed my opportunity to get out of the friends zone?

A little background: Been friends with this girl for about 18 months (hb8.5). She had a bf when we first met, so ended straight up in the friends zone. We speak/txt/IM nearly everyday and I chill at her house on a regular basis. We have alot of comfort (she tells me this) and I kino her practically everytime I see her, but discretely. So she is comfortable with me but just sees me as a freind (she told me this, but she is gf material and I do care for her).

I have done some big things to support her/help her out in times of need and she will do little things for me too (I give her little tests and she complies), so it is not all one sided from me.

She splits up with her bf several months ago and so she is now single.

Anyway, today I was talkin with her and DHV with a story about supporting/protecting my family (mum mainly, and she knows some of the history) and that I do that for the people that I care about. She says that my family are very lucky to have me and that no one in her family does that for her.

Anyway, the conversation moves on and we talk about other things and then it ends. Several hours later though, out of the blue she txts me and asks "you know you were saying that you support and protect the people that you care about, does that mean you care about me?"

Obviously, part of the reason was to DHV and imply that I care for her too, and it appears to have worked. I was just shocked for her to ask me something like that so bluntly! I actually didnt know what to do at this point? Would have simply sayin "yes, of course I do!" been totally AFC???

I didnt say that. I replied with "thats a ramdom question. Why you askin me? (how should I have actually replied here?)

She replies with "i dono, im askin cos im a ramdom person"

...and this is where I think I totally f$ked it up. I replied with "actually that is a strange question to ask me, so therefore you must be strange then, lol".

From here on in her replies were quite defensive, such as "well u r strange for saying such a thing" and "and ur even more strange for callin me strange" and "oh and i forgot to say sumthin, ur strange ". I just kept replyin with lol's and hahaha's.

She then totally changes the subject and says that she has a crush on someone at work and does not know how to speak to him, but im a guy, so what should she do?

Any advice in helping me to understand what is going on here and if I just totally messed things up and missed my opportunity to tell her how I feel or how I should have handeled the situation would be appreciated.

Also, I will be seeing/speaking to her tomorrow and need advice quickly. Can it be salvaged? Should I bring up the topic with here again and explain that I do care for her?

Thanks all for your help/advice