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    Default How do I get out of the most complex friendzone ever.

    Alright so to understand my situation let me give you a little background. So for starters I met this girl in about grade 9 except did not really get close or begin going to school with her until the next year where we developed somewhat of an acquaintance with the occasional text. At this point I had noticed her appeal but was not interested until about a year later. Except at this point we are actually pretty close friends (fark me right). So again me still being very AFC accepted where i was n did not really make an advances to try to attempt anything with her. But strangely enough she would flirt with me showing very powerful IOI'S n despite me being an AFC i am a master at reading people and their body language. So after this happened i told that i would tell her something no one has ever told and that not even she realized I told her some assumption I made on her actions that equated to her wanting a boyfriend, but due to me trying to explain this in chronological order were are going to save this for later. So a couple weeks after me giving here opinion i see her at a party and as usual shes giving many IOIs so many to the point her close friends point it out. Except I did not want to make a drastic move since she was more intoxicated than me. So then later on one of her 'easier' friends that i was still attracted too and she was aware began to be all over me, but I had already had my eyes set on the other girl but for some reason after seeing us she decided to go to sleep in the middle of the party.... So i went in the room to see if everything was alright but she refused to tell me... So I kissed her on the forehead and left.

    The next day I get a phone call from her. She first asks me about the night before so I confess to having some feelings for her but them call her out on her having feelings for me which she agrees. Then she goes as far as too claiming that my judgement of her saying all her actions just said she wanted a boyfriend was totally right.... At this point I assume I basically have this in the bag until she says...


    I reacting like a AFC (I regret this) begin to lose my cool and proceed to show my anger towards her and goes far as saying I didn't want to even be friends with her.

    But can someone please, please help me figure out how on Earth I got friendzoned? Also how will I be able to escape it with this girl once and for all if I still even have a shot with this girl.
    P.s. I have access to her friends and to even possibly date or hook up with them if it was to help.

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    Default Re: How do I get out of the most complex friendzone ever.

    First of all let me just start by saying that I don't believe in the friendzone...I think it's an imaginary place women make up to make themselves feel like they're above dating you. I've been in the "friendzone" many times and have broken out of it. The Key is to flirt and DHV your way out of it. Turn the tables on them, flirt with them but at the same time put THEM in the friendzone...girls know theyre attractive and they know theyre when you show them you don't need/want them they go nuts chasing your validation.

    But to your specific situation you waited too long...maybe you didn't flirt enough. Also kissing a girl on the forehead is a sign of friendship and weakness. If your having an emotional moment with a girl you can't be afraid to pull the trigger and kiss her. Youre a man...if you want something, take it. Most women prefer men who can take control of a situation. As for what to do now I'd straight up apologize for getting angry, it's not a weakness to admit you fucked up. Stay in the "friend-zone" for awhile and work your way out.

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