Just a few things that may help when seeking advice here.

You are going to have to give details. Help us help you, give us the information we need to help fully.

Remember to read your posts for context, using offensive terminology, tends to make contributors mad. With that if you are only asking help to be a better player most of us aren't going to help you as readily as someone who is more ethical about what they are doing. Most of us aren't just about racking up numbers. We are about becoming better people in general.

Another thing to remember is don't ask for advice if you aren't going to take it. Obviously, if you ask advice you aren't getting the results you want from what you are doing. Therefore, in order to get the results you want implementing changes we recommend should be done before you complain about advise given. Within reason by all means, obviously do not follow something that is un-ethical or otherwise distasteful.

Lastly read into what people are telling you, use the search bar to expand on ideas that are mentioned and be part of the community. Don't just take advice step by step on your situations. You need to be the one winning her over, we don't need to win her over through you. All advice given is just that advice, you are the one who needs to research it, interpret and calibrate it to suit your needs. It isn't "the answer" it is the path to your goals we give you not the solution to the problem.

Any respected members feel free to add to this initial list but I think it is all sound things for people to keep in mind for better results and all around forum moral.