you have spent a fair deal of time on this one.She even has options and is in touch with need to go and talk to some about gaming another girl for now, as in building need to get in a different frame of mind(abundance) and opening your options up is had your chance and you may have it again, but how do you move things forward when in your mind you are too focused on an outcome.probably dating her.she has to earn it.

the pat on the back is yes friend zone.why?you are still being her friend and not taking advantage of her subtle signals.maybe you can't belive she was attracted previously and you seem to want that feeling or see that again.don't get sucked into that if she liked you she realized something about you and that can be triggered again.Think going after another woman and practicing on her it could be out of your social circle if you may then coming could still be in communication but i wouldn't do need least she was attracted to you.