Ok, I'm thinking of texting her asking if she wants to catch up. No harm done either way right?
asking her that manner puts it all on her sort of.you must take the lead.to get her out you need to get her engaged and follow throughout with the indicators of interest she gives you.etc.

Oh and I should add that she's carried on the previous method of ignoring eye contact and interaction at all costs but continued to like my facebook statuses...
you need a definite line of action.from what pertains in your dynamic she keeps giving you shots but you kind of miss it or take care of it half way.at least thats how she may be perceiving it.so having to reapt the same context and having it not going any where makes her cringe, thus perceiving another interaction as pressure.this can be fixed the fact that she likes your 'facebook' may indicate a bit interest but you need to move ahead with her.think phone game.escalate!!