Good day fellas.. I'm really new to this art and I'm seeking advice on how to get this girl attracted to me and see me as a potential date.. But first let me tell you the back story. Bare with me as this might seem long but ill try to make it as brief as possible so you guys have a better understanding on what my situation is.

So, I've known this girl for about 2 years now. We work together and we carpool everyday. So pretty much I spend half of my day with her. I've always been attracted to her and I did tell her that I like her a couple of times before but got shut down. And she told me she doesn't see me the way i see her. We do hang out outside of work but not that often. But every time we do go out we always have a good time. And there are times that I should've made a move but didn't because of the fear of getting rejected for the third time and I don't want it to be awkward at work if things went south. I've broken the touch barrier with her and she seems comfortable every time I touch her eg: like grabbing and stroking her leg, holding her hand, massaging her back etc. but that's about it. I've never advanced because of that fear...

That is my dilemma.

If I'm in the wrong thread just redirect me to the right one