Before I go on , I would say my story is a very particular one. It's not a typical PUA story but I do need your helpful input.

A summary: I have been using PUA tools through skype phone calls about 6weeks and have been noticing tremendous attraction in a girl I have been chasing a year ago. She has a boyfriend and I know it ( it doesn't seem to be so amazing for her). The problem is she lives 10 thousands miles away and I won't see her for a year or so. I built tremendous comfort and tried to do some light sex talk. Even though she didn't say she accepts to be my girlfriend, I do know she is well attracted! How should I manage the situation for her to accept being my girlfriend ? I know that sounds weird but I decided to get into relationship with her because I know her a lot and she is a good girl but the only thing lacking is not having had sex with her.

I talk with her on skype about 2 or 3 times a week. How should I increase her interest despite living far away leading to a certain F-close once we meet?

At the meantime I did not stop practicing my game every day on girls I meet here.

Any input will be helpful