Hey guys,

I did some field work in the mall today. I approached an HB8, hot little spinner type, at the fragrance counter of Macy's and another worker, older woman, ended up playing a perfect wing, too bad she wasn't younger or just hotter cuz she was way more intelligent and more my type. Anyways, I went to #close the HB8 using the mystery method of writing my name and number on a cologne card and her name on the other half, then tearing it in half and handing her the pen and half with her name to write her number. I thought I saw her writing out of the corner of my eye as I continued the conversation with the older worker and yet another older woman worker but when I turned to switch she just said, "you gave me the wrong half." I don't think she was smart enough to understand that she was supposed to write her number down. Anyways, I know it's never the girls fault, so how did I overcome this if it happens again. I didn't want to directly tell her to write down her number in front of the other 2 and embarrass her or possibly myself if she said no. Otherwise, I think I did pretty well, did some playful joking, got her smiling and laughing. The wingwoman worker was asking me about my job and my past, basically DHVing for me. I even started some keno with the HB8 and she was comfortable smelling me from the cologne (although I know its her job.) Let's hear some feedback.