Me and this girl hung out a few times and got along perfectly fine. She liked everything about me and it was obvious we both liked each other on some level. I actually started to like her and got a bit attached. She got out of a very long relationship but was single for about a year or so. We didn't text constantly but we got into a conversation and she said she did like me but wasnt ready for any sort of relationship and wasnt the type to rush anything. She also said we only hung out a few times also. I understood that but looking back i might of tried to speed things up because i wanted to be in a relationship which was bad on my part. After a few weeks the communication gradually faded each day. She stopped responding to my texts and everything. I then asked her whats the deal and she said i didnt do anything wrong, and she just doesnt have time to talk to someone and get attached especially because shes moving to another city for college. A few days before i asked whats the deal i actually had a bit of a discussion with someone and I'm going to be living in the same city as her and go to the same college. I told her that but she didnt have anything to say about that. I know there was something there between us and i think i just rushed it because like i said, looking back she wanted to take it slow and be "friends" for a while if that makes sense. I really like her and i want this to work out, so i was thinking of asking if she just wanted to hang out as "people" and not call it a date or anything. She could invite her girlfriend or something like that. Do you think that would work? I got patience and i understand that she wants to settle down and start college and everything, and i do too. Any advice?