So here's the situation PUAs:
Last year there was this girl who I had been friends with for a little over a year. We knew each other in Germany as strictly friends and happened to move back to Texas together.
Well as it went on we started to visit each other and things started to go quite well. We started texting each other, ended up going to visit and kissing and fooling around (no sex since it wasn't her place).
Anyway, she then had some shit go on and had to move to another and finally went off to join the millitary.
I myself moved.
Now that she's back she's gotten in contact with me.
We had a rough go of it when she moved for various reasons and she was kind of upset with me for a while.
That's all over now and it's back to friends.
We discussed the past and she said "lets just stay friends because of our lives"
I can live with that, but I still have feelings for this girl and we'll be in the same state soon.

Ok so the boring backstory over. On to the important stuff:
I know there's a formula against friendzoning (I believe it was Mystery who said "Friend's shouldnt put each other into closed boxes like that" or something to that effect.