To start with, my indirect game is getting tighter. I really have little AA issues, I can keep a steady convo and make chicks enjoy while I'm having fun as well.

However, as many of you guys can relate, indirect gaming has some ups and downs. The positive side is, you are more comfortable, it's less risky and you can pretty much stay friends with almost any girl if you somehow failed to close her in good fashion, which you can turn those friends into pivots later. The negative side is, it takes longer to run through the usual steps, other time constraints, etc.

By being direct, you take bigger risks but the reward will be proportionally higher with the risks you take.

My question is, how can I improve my mindset to be more direct? What should be my first thoughts before approaching a girl to say: "Hey, you look stunning so I couldn't miss this opportunity to talk to you."?

I don't have any issues dealing with social judgment from other people. But when I want to go direct, I hesitate and start thinking about "What if she says/does blabla?" scenarios. I know I shouldn't give a fark like I do with everything else, but for this case, it's easier said than done...

Help & suggestions appreciated,