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Thread: She knows all about PUA and gaming. Have no idea what to do now?

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    Default She knows all about PUA and gaming. Have no idea what to do now?

    There is a HB9.5 at my work but nothing I have tried has worked. I have done every method and trick I know...C+F, negs, time contraints, preselection, DHV'ing, magic tricks, KINO, a bunch of clever openers, ignoring her and freezing her out and still she has given me nothing. No IOI's, no flirting back, no sh!t tests, no giving me her number/Facebook/email, no responses at all. She is friendly and cordial to me but she doesn't so much as acknowledge any of the ways I have gamed her. Two of the other guys who work at my company in different locations are pros and my mentors when it comes to PUA and have watched me in action, and even they can't figure out why NOTHING from ANY method has worked. They have tried as well and gotten nowhere with her.

    This week I had to go out of the country for a conference. My boss lent her his laptop for one night (time zone difference) so she could link with me from home for a video conference so I could get her opinion a product the company was interested in. I could see her bookshelf behind her and on it was every single PUA book/manual there is The Game, Mystery Method, Gambler's book and a whole bunch of others. I guess she saw the weird expression on my face because she asked me about it and I replied that those were some interesting books. She answered: "Yeah I buy all of those pick-up artist books and read and memorize them. I watch those pick-up shows on TV too. I want to know their methods so I can keep away from them since guys who resort to pick-up are all really just all beta creeps and losers." Her response absolutely stunned me and I almost when slack-jawed, but I managed to smile and say "Ah I see." and then went back to showing her the product. Afterwords we said goodbye and the video link ended. The next day at the conference I was telling my mentors about it and they were stunned as well. But they said they now know why she has been impossible to game. Since I got back from the conference I have tried to game her again (even saying stuff like how it sounds like pick-up has helped guys overcome anxiety and shyness around women) and just like before haven't even gotten an acknowledgement of it. I have been freezing her out again and she hasn't even noticed. I am stumped but I'm wondering if the experts on this site have any idea if I still have a chance. Is there anything I can try or should I just cut my loses? Thanks in advance.
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    Default Re: She knows all about PUA and gaming. Have no idea what to do now?

    Ahahaha I love women like this. You might just want to cut your losses; I guarantee you that she's noticed the freezing out etc but is choosing not to acknowledge it. She may even be counter-gaming you.

    Otherwise, you're going to have to go a completely different route. If you assume that she knows at least as much about PUA as you do (and it sounds like she's a pro) then you can be guaranteed that any technique is going to translate to a DLV.

    If you were to stop using all techniques altogether she would most likely notice. Again, you're out in bat country here. Taking the hint shows that you're capable of understanding her subtext: "I know what you're doing and it's not going to work, so you might as well stop trying."

    If you're going to continue pursuing her, focus on your productivity at work, because she sounds like someone who is attracted to success. She's showing you what kind of behaviour she wants from you: Cordial and official. It sounds beta to concede but it's the only way in, and let's face it: There's nothing beta about gaming an alpha.
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