Alright fellas and the few lasses that may be on here,

Haven't posted on here in a while but thought it would be interesting to get a few responses.

Long post no idea where im going with it. just wanted to get it out there. lots of detail?

Anyway lets go.

Lately I have met up with Linking who was conveniently nearby where we discussed game and my sticking points etc before eventually agreeing to go out on Wednesday to a club to run some night game (properly).

Without going into a field report here lets just say that Linking showed me the ropes and we established that approaching was "okay" but my issue was continuing with what to say after a bit of "banter" along with my "kino" feeling forced.

Okay so skip forward to Thursday night and I meet a friend at a bar just for a few drinks and a catch up. By chance a woman that I had been establishing myself with happened to turn up with her mates so we merged our groups and chatted/flirted for a while all good.

...bit of back story.... I enjoy star trek and so does she so we went on a "date" back in May and I basically bottled it when I went in for a kiss which turned into a hug.... DOH!!

Anyway, at the end of this night me and her are walking home and she pops a questions asking if I liked her. My reply was along the line of "haha yeah course you're like the second best *name* I know". she laughs I laugh she hugs me good night and asks if I wanted to meet at tomorrow at our University's end of year party. (smart suits are required etc)

Okay so Friday night arrives and I rock up with my usual entourage of women and lads and all is well without really caring if I see her or not. This night I decided to put some of the things that Linking has mentioned and I have to admit that i ended up on my best form for a long time. Opening multiple sets and closing a few times. Anyway the girl who I liked sees me from across the dance floor while im cutting my awesome shapes as per .

She starts complimenting me and my suits etc and kino to which I reciprocate by picking her up into a hug with me against a wall,then she notices some lipstickk on my cheek and starts teasing me for it - no biggy. she plants a kiss next to it and then the other cheek with the comment there now you're matching (in my mind this is a good opportunity for me to properly kiss her as she's giving me the look)

It is at this point I bottled it again . Previous sets had gone similar where I get a kiss on the cheek with me saying that if the girl is lucky she'l get a proper one later - followed up with me just going for it with the comment of "hey im impatient" worked a charm ahhaa!.

BUT with this chick I didn't dont know why and I cant get my head around it. As I leave early she starts complaining to her friends that Im leaving etc but nothing comes of it and thus I start over thinking things, I realise I couldve closed more sets and maybe even taken a chick home.

Final word:

Im going on holiday to Germany with her and my friend for a week so not sure what to make of that now ahha. Turns out my mate had known her for a while and had actually pulled her but nothing will come of it according to both parties. (sigh I love putting myself in odd situation)

Opinions or whatever are definitely welcomed :P