Hi forum its been while but I have been busy lately.

I have had now like 4 approaches with women which is lot to me since I started out from zero. Every single one these has been to group of 3-6 people, usually all women. Last one of them was from last friday which im coming back soon.

Thing is im very good with small talk cause I do it with 5-10 people a day at work. Whenever I talk to women it seems more natural than with guys cause I naturally like to joke about everything and I can pretty much say I can make anyone laugh. Many AFC guys just dont want to talk about "boring/meaningless sh1t".

My major sticking point has been f-close though. I cant even get close to it at the moment.

Heres breakdown from last friday.

->went for 3 set and just introduced myself to group and tried to memorize names (which went badly which was funny to them) and just started conversation from there.
->discussed for about 1-2 hours with really good vibe, I left HB9 to the side for purpose.
->Clearly some connection with HB9. She tried to come to discussion and I did some negs.

->We went to dancefloor and I took HB9 and danced a little bit, saw a small change and tried mysterys kiss close which she responded "...no? " followed soon by "lets go back to my friend". I didnt take it to myself though and danced with her friend. She and her friend left probably to discuss just what happened and I danced with third one. They came back and guy tried to approach them with really cheesy pick up line. I couldnt hear it so I asked her about it and just laughed when I heard it (in a good way).

->discussed for another 1-2 hours about everything again I teased her (cant really say they were negs though).
->I said maybe we should check other side of club and went there and danced.

->HB9 was approached by good looking tall guy. He just took her and danced really closely for 2-5 minutes. I ignored her and kept fun with her friends. Her friend showed love sign to HB9 and tall guy was obviously in friends favor.
->tall guy disappeared and HB9 came back to dance next to me, I was like I wouldnt have notice she was gone. I pushed other guys away so they wouldnt collapse her and her friends in friendly manner but my friend afraid im going to start a fight.

->Finally they had enough of dancing and we went back to other side of club.
->HB9 sit next to me (although there would have been free spot at another end). We started to have our own little conversations. I asked if shes gonna be here until closing time. She said "well see " After that after some time her body language became more closed and by the time of last slow jam or what you call it we just left with set.

->I was visiting that city with my friend and didnt had place to sleep so I offered to drive them home which they eventually accepted. We did lot of small fun things which showed my non-wussiness. I dropped them off (at their parents place [they were 20 years old])and we planned already to go somewhere next time im in that city.

I dont know though if im falling to friendzone trap, I just cant seem to take the last step and get to really escalate with target. Can you guys spot something wrong in my game? I mean I have the date but I dont know if its gonna be between me and girl or me and group like with my last target (which i posted about).

YOU DONT HAVE TO READ ALL OF THAT, it just helped myself also to structure last week in my head