Hey there to make a long story short, I asked my apartment manager for some house repair, and she finally showed up today as I was taking a nap with the maintenance guy. After I opened up the door and she apologized for waking me up, I proceed to showing her the issues, I said.
Me: oh gosh, I just started dreaming and you woke me up. It's like you owe me a dream now!! (with eye contact)
Hb: aw... Sorry. What you were dreaming about?
Me: (eye contact and smirk) you know I can't tell you that.
Hb: (holding contact and smile) oh I see.
Then she started telling me how they planned to put wood floors blah blah...
Me: carpet works just fine with me, because I keep dropping my phone all the time when I'm home.
Hb: (initiates eye contact again) maybe if you stop dreaming, you wouldn't drop your phone so much. (and smile)
Me: Ahaha I see you got jokes!!!
After walking them to the door I said
Hb: I'll check and then call you to let you know when we will start the work.
Me: it's no big deal to me, but my gf is really tripping about it do just call her and work that out with her. Her number is ....
Hb: ok, but I'll still call you and let you know. I got both number in file already.
Me: ok cool then. Y'all have a great day.
Hb: you do the same. And go back dreaming (playfully)

Maybe I'm overanalyzing this conversation but she kept repeating it like it had a hidden meaning!?! What do the experts think? Does she ask to be sarged?

Nikee --just do it--