Ok, let me first start with a small background story...

A good friend of mine moved back into an old house share where he stayed before. New people staying there now.
He calls me the night that he moved in to convince me to come have drinks with him and them. so its Him, this one other guy and this cute German girl.
He tells me that he called me out all this way to come have drinks because he wants me to meet her and possibly hook up (he wanted to show me how friendly... and possibly easy European girls are as MOST south African girls are not very friendly) anyway, night goes on and we all end up going back to the house share where she eventually pulls him into her room and they go at it. So i leave. he tells me the next day that he regretted it because as it is he is juggling 2 other girls and wanted her to hook up with me. Anyway, story out of the way...

I was there last night and I ended up siting in her room chatting with her (because she was apparently "bored") and my friend was watching Anime in his room. I chatted with her for a while and I tickled her a few times and grabbed her once or twice, and when the conversation died off she said she was hungry but too lazy to get up to make food. then she would bite her lip or make a sound with them... (she did this a few times during the interaction) so, signs were there (i think)

so, what should I have done??
also... if I didnt do anything then, would there still be a chance I could next time. or have i blown my chances?