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    Default we find love in strangest places part2

    Thanks to y'all dave xxx and Sleath5 for your input and I feel like i owe you two this follow up:
    So after I number close that hb at McDonalds that thursday, she texted me first on Saturday saying "hi", which I didnt respond, trying to play busy. Early the next day, she texted me again sayin "happy fathers day" and this is how the convo developed:

    Me: Hey there Chica!!! And thanks for the thought. �� 8:58pm
    Hb: Hey! You're welcome �� 9:00pm
    Me:You sound traditional, even a bit orthodox, yet your piercings tell another story!! Are you a bad girl repenting, or a good girl gone bad? 10:33pm
    Hb: LOL you're too funny... I am many things, smart, funny, outgoing, nonconformist, a mother, etc... What are you? 10:38pm
    Me: I'm a magician ( planning anticipation to then display some NLP or ESP next time we meet). 11:04am
    Me: *so I went ahead and plan something on the spot* lol nonconformist huh!?! curiosity make me wanna hear more about that!! lets get together for coffee tomorrow. 11.05am
    Hb: I'm out of town for work for 1-2 weeks :-/ 10.46pm
    Me: No big deal chica, no big deal :-) 11.46 pm

    so a that point I felt like I was losing her interest, and she was kinda flaking, so I had to do something to get back on the game, so I used an opener from one new York (sorry I forgot his name, but credit given to him nevertheless), so the next day this is how it went down:

    Me: hey, sassy pants lol, I need a woman opinion on something quick!!! 2.24pm
    Hb: what's that?? 2.26pm
    Me: *opener from NYC pua* what is the difference between muffins and cupcakes :-/ 2.31pm
    Hb: Aw... poor thing!!! Muffins are for breakfast, and some have fruits mixed in, like blueberry... Cupcakes are for dessert and have frosting on top :-) 2.33pm *see how she tried to lower my values here!! little she knew the neg was coming her way ahahah*
    Me: good job, I give you a Oscar for that!!! You pass the test!!! Now I know I can trust you. Your opinion is needed on an ongoing argument my friend Lola is having with her boyfriend... 2.39pm
    Hb: ok, LOL, so whats going on then?2.40pm
    Me: would you date a guy who was still friens with his ex-gf? (not fooling around or anything, just platonic friends) 2.48pm
    Hb: blah blah blah... 2.50pm
    Me: hmm cool, you sound really mature, guess never judge a book by its cover!!! Anyways, this is actually a two part question. 3.03pm
    Hb: LOL ok what is part 2? and thanks for the compliment. * don't realize she just got neg lol, or she may be in denial* 3.04pm
    Me: Now imagine dating this guy who was still friend with his ex, and you were going to move in with him, but he had a drawer with thongs and old pics of his ex gf? not naughty pics or anything just regular pics and some letters they been sending to each other. 3.13pm
    Hb: blah blah blah... 3.24pm
    Me: Holy sh!t!!! I didn't know my new bbf was an experienced love doctor, you definitely gotta coach Lola. :-). so doctor "Drew" lol, if I were to ask you what is most important to you in a relationship, what would you say? 3.49pm *trying to get her "mean values"*
    Hb: Lol you're so funny!! I think the most important part of a relationship is compatibility on all levels. 3.56 pm *got it!!*
    Me: ok. And what feeling/feelings do you experience when you're with a compatible guy? 5.05 pm *now trying to get her "end values"*
    Hb: Nervous, giggly, smile a lot, blush, butterflies... a lot of different things... Why?? 6.43pm *ahahha now that I have both values I was looking for, its time to eject!!*
    Me: you know what, you making me thirsty with all your questions!! I'm going to go make myself a protein shake, and hit the gym. Talk to you later 8.36pm
    Hb: OMG... LOL ok. 9.30pm

    Dave xxx, Sleath5, somebody, any other expert please review my pattern and routines and tell me if my steps and escalation are good, conform and doesn't convey any unwanted values. thanks to all.

    Nikee --JUST DO IT--

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    Default Re: we find love in strangest places part2

    That's great progress. Keep it up. I like how you are calibrating, throwing in a neg and controlling the conversation.

    Use push/pull and cut off the text/conversations at a high point. Always leave them wanting more.

    Nice job!

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