one of my best friends at the moment about the same age but he looks like he is about 3 years older than most guys in our age, im actually really jelly of him. he is 195 cm tall weights 90 kg good muscles nice looking dude. he is getting with girls like all the time even older girls 2 years +. we are born 96. thing is. he never speaks about women he is getting with or talking to. and i actually asked him aswell. like how do you do. and he is just blindly saying " giving them the look haha." just jokes it off. he is a real player but getting girls even if they know he is playing. this for me makes it hard as fuck to " compete " with at parties whatsoever. im kinda picky about women i dont wanna do any bussniess with a girl i know has bad rep or looking bad. but he is always getting the hotter girls attention just by his looks. its like im talking to girls for a period of time and they start to show abit intressed and then " is ur friend gonna be there" and he can atleast kiss them on one night. and im talking about 10s. i have no fucking clue how to counter this or use this. and its killing me inside to have him as a good friend at watch him take my intrests on one night. and i dont wanna say " hey back off from her tonight okay? " it seems like im a fucking retard or pussy or whatever. i just dont know what to do. please help. thanks and bye