Met this girl 4 months ago in art class. She always sat next to me, even on the first day. Always been flirty with her. get plenty of IOI's from her, for example make her smile, laugh, she touches me a lot, puts her forehead on my shoulder when I make her laugh. She asked for my number on the first day I met her under the guise of " lets exchange info in case one of us is absent", Ok, so I agree to exchange info.
I found this girl very attractive upon meeting her. A solid 9HB.
A month after flirting and taking to her, I decide to ask her out to bowling. She agrees. A few days later she mentions her boyfriend for the first time. I didn't let it phase me and I continued to be flirty with her. She always vibed with me. At the same time, I was I was thinking about how to cancel the date because now I know she has a boyfriend. She texts me that same night saying "we still bowling this weekend right?"
I tell her "I would never have asked you out if I knew you had a boyfriend."
She replies " I thought we were just going out as friends"
I don't reply.
I see her a few days later and act exactly the same throughout all my time with this girl. Continue the teasing, the kino, the flirting, the vibing.
A few weeks go by and I find out her boyfriend domestically abused her. She pressed charges, restraining order, the whole 9.

They obviously break up.

I'm unwavering and she likes it, giving me IOI's. Begging for my attention and I have better things to do so I don't let her sway me.
School ends and I don't say bye to her after finals. We simply part our ways, but I knew she had still some attraction towards me.

A few weeks later I hit her up, telling her that shes coming to a party with me. She says she has work, and that we should hang out next weekend. I tell her that I'm going to Palm Springs next weekend and that she should come with me.
She agrees. I get her excited about this trip.

A few days before the trip while she was asking me about what she should bring, how much money she should bring, etc. I tell her "we should hang out some other time."

She asks "why?"

I tell her that if I bring her along she would be the only chick there.

She says "oh ok" and life goes on.

Here is where I need advice.

I invited her to a party a few days ago; she immediately said shes down to come. I told her I would give her the info some time this week.
What is a surefire way to spike up her attraction towards me at this party and make her want to hook up with me? What are some things I should do at this party to make me seem alpha, and how should I close the deal with her? Any criticism is highly appreciated and welcomed!
Thank you!