A friend of mine is quite possibly the most successful man on PoF (or at least he was before they implemented a 14 year range that excluded him from all the early 20s). His philosophy was to find something small about their profile that's tease-worthy and drop a little funny comment about it. My personal favorite, because this shows up ALL THE TIME, is to say "That's a really scenic bathroom. I'd definitely do a photo shoot in there! :P We should chat sometime. -M"

Short, funny, teasing her without being a dick. If she's intrigued by the fact that you aren't trying to sell yourself to her, she'll check out your profile, which is another big way to get her interested. Have some good social proof pictures (I personally have a picture of me laying back on a bar while the bartender wears my top hat and pours a shot into my mouth. It's money) as well as a profile that tells them about you while also saying that you're a fun person to be around.

If she responds at all, that means she's at least somewhat interested. Even if it sounds like she's pissed at you for teasing her about her pictures or profile, she took time to reply instead of the other 50 guys who's novels she just deleted. From there, bounce the conversation back and forth 2 or 3 times before trying for n close. Wait too long and she'll lose interest. If she responds that she doesn't give out her number that easily or something to that effect, go back to the conversation.

A few ground rules:
Keep your messages short until she lengthens hers. Don't send her a novel unless she sends you one first.

Always start with humor, don't try to establish emotional connection over text.

Don't keep the ball in her court. Typically wait the amount of time you waited before replying.

Don't ask questions that require a reply. Make observations or suggestions, but don't ask questions. If you want to set up a first date, say "I'm heading out this Saturday, you should come too." or "Let's go grab a drink and some laughs." That way you are the man with the plan rather than a guy who needs a woman to make his plans for him.

Best of luck! Good hunting!