It's pretty silly. I'd gotten good at picking women up, and a few weeks ago in the parking garage I was cold approached. HB8 Blonde, non-sober I might add.
"Hey, you obviously like to party right?"
She's on me, I'm getting back from work and have my hands full, and frankly I don't have words.
I chuckled, as if slightly offended but amused, "What's that mean?"
She told me she was about to leave to go downtown. I don't know if this was a one time thing or what, but my gears were not clicking. She asked me my room number, she told me hers, and that she wanted to go out.
Guys, as silly as this is, I was lost for words. I'd gotten so used to it being the opposite way around, I didn't get her number or anything. It was like I was an AFC again.

So my question is, what happens when and HB8-10 does a cold approach on you?