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Thread: Setting up the "First Date" (logistics)

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    Default Setting up the "First Date" (logistics)

    Hey fellas,

    Well, here's the story.

    Was in-line at a restaurant that a lot of people go to for pitas after the bars close. Typically, a great place to meet women because you're stuck waiting in line, can listen in on convos for threads, and jump right in. To my right was a gorgeous brunette wearing a pink dress with matching pink nails/toenails. She was all smiles and stuff, so I opened her on her fashion sense/color coordination and smirked and said that you can learn a lot about someone on their sense of style. Turns out that she's my buddy's little sister; we went to the same catholic school for elementary (albeit she's 6 years younger), and our families have known each other for 3 generations (our fathers were in the same band, grandmas were good friends, etc.)... so, natural attraction was there, and then I was set apart from any other man due to our families being somewhat tight. So, she gave me her #, and I just texted her my name, and she replied that it was real nice to meet me.

    So, tried to get her and her friends out to pregame with me and my roomies the day after as we briefly talked about the night before, she replied saying she'll try to get them out but they're all exhausted from the festival the night before and probably won't want to stay in; this was 2 Saturdays ago.

    I waited till next Friday to text her again and opened up with some rapport material (story my mom told me about her when she was little), and she responded real positively. Planned on meeting up around 930, told me she had kickball at 7. Wound up getting back to me at 11ish saying that she drank too much at kickball (pretty common at kickball leagues around here) and asked me what I was up to, I replied, and that was the end of that convo.

    Saturday comes, and I'm not going to ask her out again and appear too available (since I'm really not to begin with)... so, she actually initiated and sent me a text a little after 10 "What are you up to tonight?". My phone was on the charger so I got back to her an hour later with a reply, no answer back; it was past 11 so whatever.

    A few things I know about her through my bud... like most hot chicks she's slept around her fair share over the years, 420-friendly, and likes to go out a lot. So, in other words... not a prude.

    My question is... basically, where do I go from here? I've met this girl for all of 5 minutes, built a little text rapport, and would ideally like to isolate her. We have awesome free salsa dancing lessons on Thursdays (great way to meet girls and instant KINO for first dates), though I'm wondering if not hitting her up at all until Thursday would work to my detriment. After all, attractive women are approached dozens of times a day.

    Any thoughts/suggestions are plenty welcome...

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    Default Re: Setting up the "First Date" (logistics)

    Hey Dan, if she's hot like you said, she prolly gets hit on, has given out her digits and gets her fair share of gentlemen callers. But since you know the game, you got an edge. Your in person game has to be tight and so is your text game.

    The fact that she is texting you first is a good sign of attraction. Normally, a girl is going about her day doing her own thing, not thinking about you, but if she texts you first, then she is.

    Through texting, there are ways to prevent flaking and securing the date. So to reiterate, you should always hint to her that you are fitting her into your busy schedule and hectic social life.
    So tell her 2 nights that you are busy.

    "So I think I'm fairly free on Thursdays, oh no, wait, I got a party that night. So Thursday and Fridays, I can't do."

    You want to bait her into suggesting a time and probe her out. If she suggests a day she is free. I'd respond with something like...

    "Sure. I have X night free, but I can only do after X p.m"

    If she does flake, then that's another post.

    I don't know what you tell her on your text, but I'd personally start flirting. T-Mal's rule of thumb in texts is ABF "Always Be Flirting." And it's true. It works wonders and I can attest to that. When you get responses back like "LoL!!!!" "OMG, you are hilarious" You are on the right track.

    And you probably already know this, when you set the time, don't be passive. Send her a fun playful text like:

    "Alright mamacita! Get those heels and high skirt primed and ready. X day at X Salsa club. Pick you up at 7:44 pm!"

    Maybe even go back to an old joke that you shared. Keep sparking an emotional response in her until your date.

    For example, if a girl ever texts me "What are you up to?" It's a loaded question and she just set herself up for a arsenal.

    HER: "What are you up to?"
    ME: "Sitting in my pad, thinking of you, wishing you were massage my feet, cook my dinner, clean my house."

    HER: "What are you up to?"
    ME: "Bored. Rather be wrestling alligators with you."

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    Default Re: Setting up the "First Date" (logistics)

    maaaan!!! chill!!! you being pushy and all relax she's not the only woman walking the face of earth and from your profile, i noticed that we both Aspiring PUA, so from one newbie to another let me tell you what i do right now. I am not looking for a irlfriend or to get laid at this point, i'm focusing more on crafting my game, routine, habits , in one word becoming the alpha i know i can be because i know when i get this out of the way, the rest will follow.
    like a wise man told me once, focus and take care of the small things ( things you can control and influence,which is yourself),and the big things will follow (whatever you have no control of) and fall into place. I can't stress this one enough, focus on yourself and crafting your game first!!
    You right, beautiful women get approached all the time, but sometimes you get judged on the things you don't do, rather than the ones you do. because what i got from your text is that you text her she text you back the first time, then nothing, then she wait a couple of days and open you to se if you are mad, and as usual you are so happy she texted you, you text her back, then she eject. looking at this pattern, you should freeze her out big time to teach her a lesson, and i promise you she will come back around if you stand out from all the other chumps texting her.
    *dropping the mic*
    Nikee --Just did it--

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