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    Default Kiss-closed on day2, agreed for a day3, blocked me on facebook.

    Hey guys, I really need help here.

    2 days ago I did my 12th approach ever, I approached directly on the street and number/facebook closed in like 5 minutes, she agreed to meet the next day for coffee. Later that day, we talked on facebook and agreed to go to a park instead. So, we met the next day and went to the park, we walked for like 2 hours building comfort and then I told her I wanted to kiss her, she hesitated and said "no, it's too fast", we walked for a while and then she started doing physical escalation, she grabbed my arm and touched my hair (I think she started to feel attraction when I didn't react when she said it was too early for a kiss), then we were sitting and she just kept escalating. She then just put her head on my shoulder and I started to fondle her lips with my fingers to arouse her, it worked and I went for the kiss, we spent like 40 minutes making out and touching each other. We both wanted to f-close but logistics weren't good, she didn't want to go to a hotel (too unhygienic she said) and even asked me to take her to my house, but I said no cause I live with an aunt. We agreed she should come at other time when I'm alone (I should have handled logistics better), I wasn't really frustrated about that though. I thought it went pretty good, attraction was crazy and comfort was good too, we had a lot in common and she kept making plans for future meets ("we should go to this place next time, blbalbla"). We kept walking and making out.
    2 days passed and today I talked to her to see when we could meet, she said she couldn't for the next 3 days (she had already told me that during the day2, I just asked again to see if she was still interested) and I just said we should talk later this week to see when we could meet and she agreed happily. A few hours later, I was telling this to a friend and I wanted to see her photos, searched on my friend list and she wasn't there. I couldn't even find her through the search function and I had no trouble finding her when I loged in with a different account, so I'm 99% sure she blocked me.
    I'm extremely frustrated right now, I don't know what happened, I even think she might have somehow read my conversation with my friend and got angry haha. I was planning to call her the day she was supposed to be free (3 days from now) to see if she wanted to meet, completely ignoring the facebook thing.
    I think there's a high chance that she told some friend or sister the whole story and they just told her some sh1t like "he might have put something on the food he gave you" and she got scared... I don't really know what did I do wrong, this is the first time I got results from learning about game and now I don't know what the fark to do.

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    Default Re: Kiss-closed on day2, agreed for a day3, blocked me on facebook.

    OK relax,

    There could be any number of reasons for an FB delete, she could have a bf or just started seeing someone or you could have done something worthy of deletion.

    Just follow it up with a phone call on when you're supposed to and don't bring up the facebook thing.

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    Default Re: Kiss-closed on day2, agreed for a day3, blocked me on facebook.

    i hate to breaking down to you like that but someone gotta do it. i think she got what Mystery calls "buyer's regret".
    Basically, buyer's regret in the PUA world, is when you skip or burn some steps in the courtship process (attraction, building rapport, seduce/F-close). And it take and average of 4,7, to 10 hours to build solid comfort for the girl to trust your next move even without knowing your next move, for example you tell her come to my house around 7.43 pm i have something i need to show you/ whatever, and she ask you what is it, and you tell me don't worry about it just come!! and she comes without knowing what you got in store, but still trust you. Once you get there you know you got enough comfort built up and you can move to the seduction phase of courtship, then f-close.
    i'm not and expert but i think your comfort building was not long and solid enough in this case.
    Granted sometimes you'll be able to f-close with that much comfort, but it is only when after you aroused her the way you did and drive her to the point of non return, you should have a place ready to take her to and close the deal, in other words have your logistic figured out before hand, because after she comes down this arousal state you put her in and didnt f-close, society guilt will make her reconsider all that she just did, leading to buyer's remorse.
    For more on that, read the story of jim and jane in the "mystery method". Good luck.
    Nikee --Just did it--

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