okay. so this girl i have an eye for. i know the interests are there. she likes my photos on fb alot and when we text she laughs alot and writes many hearts/flirts. problem is i dunno how to escalate. first of all im always the one initiating the convo on texts, anyway to change this? i know attraction dies fast so im wondering if its a bad idea to random call her just to talk for a moment and see how long i can keep the convo going. aswell i could invite this girl to my place with no intentions for sex but atleast a k-close but mainly to have fun and build nore intrests. problem is what should we do if i invite her? i think watching a movie would be awkward dammit it feels like everything would be awkward with only 2 of us being together. shes been here before and i told she could crash here but my bed is messy. she looked at her friend and i know she wanted to and she wanna see me but they hesitated to stay. what freaks me out is that i feel like she wanna see me and that i got couple of ioi's but that she doesnt wanna admit it in any way like she doesnt even initiate texts or anything ever even if i wait for days. please reply quick to this i dont want this attraction to die!!