Hi guys,

Other guys from Sydney can confirm that women in Sydney are very very defensive and have a very strong bitch-shield. The reason might be that every woman who is above average gets approached several times a day.

This means that once a guy approaches them they are very cold, and in many cases rude. This is probably the way they want to keep the AFCs away.

I am wondering what is the most effective thing to use upon approaching to stand out and lower their defense? e.g. is it the look/dress? body language? what should be the tonality like? should I smile or look serious? sometimes I think every AFC smiles so what face will make me different?

Another question of mine is that in many direct openers (e.g. I saw you from over there and I think you are very pretty so I had to come and meet you") we are already giving the target so much value. And also every guy who approaches them says the same sh1t! So how it's gonna make me stand out or demonstrate a high value? How can I give this vibe to her that I am the prize while I begin by giving her value?

Thanks guys