I have always been decent with the ladies and was kinda like a ACF / PUA hybrid of sorts. Recently after discovering the PUA world and reading things i learned that i had been using many pieces of the community at large but never in sequence and it has been the downfall of many very beautiful women.

My question is that now that I'm conscious of these things and my own personal style if the way i want to play the game moving forwards is a good start or not.

1. I am teaching myself contact juggling and plan to use it as an opener/ interest piece/ and philosophy conversational pieces.

2. Being decent with word play i plan to demonstrate my value with my pursuit of skills and intellect. and use words to insinuate I'm good at various things such as i can cook, great in bed, and know my way around with a massage.

3. I have a broad range of knowledge and after learning a few topics my target likes i can keep the conversation going with her points of interest and build on the comfort phase.

4. My nick name is Teddy Bear and i have been using this for years to apparently build comfort and steer towards the topic of massages and then insinuating I'm very talented with my hands.

5. I would use a sort of neg on myself to create curiosity in my target by saying things like im not a fan of blow jobs ( i only say this when its organic to the conversation) and explain that its because girls have only been able to put like half of it in their mouth before they start gagging. (only recently did i learn this creates a sort of competition in her mind with the girls of my past and makes her question how large i actually am)

6. I will then offer her at some point a delicious home cooked meal (her place or mine) with an intriguing conversation and a massage. and bridge some information that she has given me previously as to why i think she deserves a night like that.

any help on bettering my current untested style would be greatly appreciated