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    Default Second date at her place, good idea or no?

    Hey guys

    I need some expert feedback on this one. I'm meeting a girl at her place for the second date in a few days. I need to know if this is too much too soon, or if I should go for it. I know a lot of guys would say do it (for obvious reasons, sex) but I genuinely want to have fun, get to know her, etc.

    Bit of background:

    1st date:

    Went well, a little awkward at times, went bowling, SOME awkward silences here and there, me misreading her (turns out she's just a little shy and looks grumpy sometimes). Date ends with us chilling in my car listening to and talking about music, hand-holding, making out, etc. We make inconclusive plans to hang out again.


    Called her recently, we originally were going to do something typical like a movie but I mentioned how cool it would be if we played Nintendo and made dinner together, had some drinks, etc. She's a gamer herself, so she seemed down and said we could do it at her place (without me suggesting). I was surprised and agreed.

    I'm kind of nervous, as I fear she may expect to have sex at the end of the night, or for me to stay over. I'm pretty inexperienced in that department, and I really genuinely suggested this as a date to have fun, get to know each other, etc. If it gets to a point where we might do that, then maybe. I dunno. What do you guys think? Should I go for it or suggest meeting in public?

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    Default Re: Second date at her place, good idea or no?

    Go for it. Besides, you don't NEED to have sex with her. There is no such rule that says: "You must have sex with her when you're at her place." Even if there was, you don't need to follow it.

    Listen to your gut about what you want to do. Sex is one of the best "exercises" to get to know a person. But if you'll be nervous and needy while pushing for it, then don't push for it. Go with the flow, relax and have fun. Other way around, if she pushes for it and you don't feel ready, there's nothing wrong about saying "no" given a proper reasoning. However, I wouldn't miss the chance.

    Good luck,
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