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    Default Possible dream girl...??

    I have a very important situation with possibly the most amazing girl I have ever met. Met this girl (I'll call her E) online a week or so ago, we started chatting and were instantly just laughing and joking and pretty much just having a nice time texting. I got her out on a date (lunch, drinks, bowling and laser tag) which ended up being the best date I've ever been on. It lasted over 10 hours and eventually I had to be the one that ended it because I had to work early the next morning. She seemed to be really enjoying herself and at no point seemed eager to leave. I dropped her back at her house and had a quick kiss in the car.

    The next day (yesterday) SHE messaged ME first, saying she had a really nice time and that it was worth the fact that she was falling asleep at her work desk (it was a really late date - that started at lunch btw). We message a bit throughout the rest of the day (I'm really trying to limit my texting with her because I don't want to screw up or get FZ'd). I eventually I was the one to call it a night again.

    So it's now Tuesday arvo and I haven't messaged her nor heard from her yet today. My plan is to not instigate another conversation today (if she does, that's obviously fine), but instead I want to call her tomorrow and organise a D2 for Friday night. She told me her favourite food was spaghetti bolognese so I thought an Italian restaurant would be a good idea. I'm not trying to have sex straight away with this girl because I totally want the possibility of something more.

    So for starters I'm obviously keen to know if anyone thinks how the date went was a good IOI (I got plenty of nice kino once I started making it obvious that I wanted to be a little pyhsical ie holding hands or she'd sit back on the couch leaning back into me with her hand on my leg, and obviously a sneaky kiss in the car later on). I also want to know your opinion on not texting her today, rather calling her tomorrow to set up D2. And finally, any other comments or critiques you may have that will help me.

    Thanks for reading this and thank you in advance for your helpful replies. I'm calling this girl GC (game changer) because she has really rattled me and makes me think that maybe I'd like something a bit more serious with a girl. Your advice could see another PUA happily retired - be the hero!

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    Default Re: Possible dream girl...??

    The way she texted you after you first date was a pretty big IOI, so don't worry too much about texting her first now. You have to reward her after all.

    But one important thing:

    I'm not trying to have sex straight away with this girl because I totally want the possibility of something more.
    NOPE. Try to have sex as soon as possible. Not to be a manwhore, but because it greatly facilitates all the following interactions. She gets more into you, and you get more rational about whether you like her or not
    Seduction is a martial art. Reading books and talking to experts is important, and helpful. But you won't progress unless you go out there and fight.

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