So, here's my situation.

I'm over in Shanghai and theres a girl who is leaving in about a month or so. My intentions are just to spend time with her and just see where it goes for this short time, and obviously close in some manner. I know this girl has an interest in me because her friend just told me so.

So, heres the problem. this girl is the type of girl who likes the somewhat aggressive/playful type. but i really dont have any experience with these types of girls as i'm usually good with my words.

I'm looking for some advice in which i can tease this girl or play some flirty games with her to peak her interest in me more. I'm not to good with the initiation part, partly because i just dont have the material.

So, tomorrow will be forth of july in shanghai and we all going to a small BBQ, with just the friends. I need someway to engage her attention at a more personal one on one level, even when we with our small group of friends.

Anything you guys got to offer or links you want to send me. much appreciated. I want her to be ALLEYESONME type of sh1t.

Note: her friend is totally on my side in helping me.