Hi gurus,

I need help/advice. Yesterday I went to a Body Language seminar held by a dating company in Sydney. Surprisingly there were some women in the seminar too, including a super hot Russian blonde . Many guys were kissing up for her already and since I hate this I just ignored her and did not bother talking to her.

When I decided to leave and while I was waiting for the lift, she left the room and came to me and said "Hi, did you enjoy the seminar? did you learn anything?". Since I know a bit of Russian I told her (in Russian) "Are you from Russia? from Moscow right"? And this way I attracted her attention and had a 10-minute chat with her. Then she said it was too late and I offered her a lift which she accepted. While I was driving she talked a lot and we had a good laugh especially because my cold reading had decided to work! e.g. she said my name is Yulia and I said you have a sister named Irina. and she was like . At the end she gave me her number. She told me that there are many guys who want to be with her but she is very busy with her uni. She said she is happy to meet up again but she is going to another city for two days (Friday and Saturday).

Now my question is that what is the best move to stand out among the other guys who might have received PUA training? When is the best time to text her, what is the best frequency to text her and what is the best thing to say/communicate? Since she has many guys kissing up for her, she ignores guys very easily. e.g. I saw that a guy got her number in the seminar right before we left. In the lift she received a text and I said with a sarcastic tone "That guys is very impatient isn't he?!". Then she removed his number!!

Please help