What's up guys,
So yesterday I just number close a girl in my class and I was pretty excited by the way that conversation went that I had to share with you guys and hopefully get advice and maybe ideas for the post game why not, but before we get into the exchange I need to give you the background story first.

So I work on campus, and this HB that we will call girl#1 that is also in my class came in saying that her cell phone was dead and ask to use my phone to call for a ride home, I told her no, and instead gave her my work phone to use. After she finish her call she asked to stick around and wait for her ride. She then opened me and we talk for couple of minutes and I asked for her number and she said no!! And I smiled and asked her why not and she said because she didn't wanna give it to me. I smiled again and said "understandable" . She then excused herself that she had to go and told me bye and I said "bye, be easy."
So to avoid the awkwardness in class the next day (she sits in front of me), I greeted her when I walked in ask about due homework and went about my business.

The same day I opened girl#2 who is also in my class here the exchange:
Me: hey, I need to tell you something that would probably hurt your feelings but trust me it hurts me more not saying anything.
HB: what's that? Go ahead say it.
Me: well I noticed that you wearing grandma panties, and it's not really a good look. Plus I know people on the inside at Victoria's Secret that can definitely hook you up with a fresher look. *smile*
HB: *embarassed smile* omg!! And how did you even notice that to begin with?
Me: I mean, you sit in front of me during class and its not my fault if you have your grandma panties right there in my face. *smile*
HB: you so crazy. And where you from anyway, you have and accent.
Me: blah blah
HB: blah blah
Me: well I like your energy I would like to keep this convo going, what steps can we take to make it happen?
HB: lol I don't know lol
Me: you can start by giving me your number.
HB: you didn't even tell where you were from..
Me: if I tell you everything about me now, what will be there to talk about when we hang out.
HB: ok, it's xxx-xxx
Me: alright cool, I talk to my people at Victoria Secret and let you know something next time *smile*
HB: you do crazy *smile*

Couple of hours later I texted her to give her my number too and I said:
Me: just realized you gave me your number, and I didn't give you mine. Now you have it.
HB: Ahahah ok lol

What do you guys think? Any tips, advice or critic is appreciated. How can I follow this with a solid post game?

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