I'll get to the point as fast as I can, there are a few details so bear with me.

I met this girl (HB 8, great personality) last week. We hit it off like crazy. She is clearly into me. On top of which I know a lot of her friends and they tell me she is into me.

I took her on a date and it went really well (no kiss close). From then she's been super busy for a week traveling here and there, seeing her parents and going to events.

I asked her out again and she said she was free on blah blah so I said I'd take her out on that day.

I left it for a few days and sent her a playful, flirty text. Details aren't really necessary but the thing that gets me is she didn't respond. She's busy I figure (even though she's active on facebook, whatever).

So I left it again and didn't bother her for a few days, I have other girls anyway. My question is I never set a time nor place to meet, only the day.

Should I; (It's a movie date btw)

A: Text her a day before our date day, maybe around midday or evening.

B: Text her on the day, around midday to confirm.


Btw; I also need some advise on the text. I'm not going to be asking "Can we meet here" or "Hey, just making sure"...

I'm going to be saying something along the lines of-

"Hey --HerName--, I'm catching up with --AGirl-- (friend of her's, who I actually am going to hang out with before my date) tomorrow/this afternoon, so I should be at --place-- around --time-- to meet you for the movie. Still keen for Man of Steel or you wanna see World War Z?"

What do you think? And what do I do if she ignores that message? I'm very confident she won't but women are bizarre creatures so I always prepare for the unexpected.

Any advice would be appreciated.