Okay this is PUA after all, so I'm going to drop the low down.

Listen, I know I've made so many AFC moves, I regret everyone of them and that's why I'm here now. I still say there's a chance though, so please, if anyone can give me the advice to make this work I would be so grateful. This girl is the bees knees to me.

Here's the skinny, er fatty rather:

So I went on an amazing first date with this girl I met on match (dating site), and had been texting for like a week.

The first date was so good she woke up saying how she dreamed I had kissed her at the end. Granted I fugged up hard. The date was TWELVE hours. I had her itching for sure lol. She's way too nice for first date sex though so it wasn't like I played the 12hrs wrong. I just didnt kiss her was the main mistake.

So of course we set up date 2 and started to kiss near the end. Yah, I didn't kiss her to start...

Not even after the movie. Not even until midway through a random show we were watching at my place.

But immediately we got pretty hot, no sex tho (she wasnt going to that time because I had her shirt off for a little and when I went for her bra strap she opted to keep her shirt on as a "not yet big boy" kind of thing.)

She seemed really happy tho after the whole thing. A while of petting (hand between her legs outside her pants) and neck kissing, etc. She definitely shuddered a bunch when I would breath hot on her neck. Good stuff. So after she cuddled up and rested her head on my chest and such. Also good stuff. Connection for sure right? She goes home when she's tired, I'm thinking AWESOME.

But, she barely texted me back after that (playing hard or just busy hmmm) and I had to really try to get a third date and to do it I had to just initiate it the same way I did the first - by not even asking. Just told her it was on and she'd go "oh we have a date?" and then I'd talk her into it from there.

Well she was busy and tired mostly, but it didnt seem like she didnt want to, she just wasnt beaming about the next opportunity like I was, though the method proved to work a second time because she accepted and showed up.

So we finally meet tonight (date 3) to go bowl and she kind of makes it weird to kiss her cuz shes waiting in the line already so I give her a hug and this awkward stance after like "I want to kiss you but this is way too weird now. We are far apart and im just holding your shoulders looking at you awkwardly" so I just laugh at my idoicy and start talking to her and waiting instead, she's a girl in chucks who likes mario mind you.

She's dating a dork cuz she likes dorks. BUT she did mention on that long arse first date how she prefers a MAN too. Well, I try to be myself (a dork) and that too (which I am a man, I have charm, my own unique charm and when I warm up to a girl it does work because I believe in it and the confidence shows). She's tough to warm up to though, I just cant help but be a dofus around her, giving random hugs that knock her head when I pull her to me, or accidentally stepping in her way here and there. I realize this isnt alpha at all. So HOW do I stand/sit around her. What can I do to make her want to come toward me and close the gap always?

Moving on, shes texting her mom while we play, says shes being guilted about watching a tv show. It seemed super genuine (good?), like "dont worry it's not any random person or friend, I dont want you to think that, because I like you". At least thats how I'd like to read it haha, considering she was texting her mom our first date too, for real tho. But she did mention in the past kind of her attitude to me, which was that on a TERRIBBLEEE date she had once been texting some other guy the whole time. So basically I take it she assured me that wasnt the case, but also that should give you guys a kind of view into her personality. She's a dork too, but she's sassy and knows shes CUTE. (note I didnt say hot or long legged and gorgeous).

So then she starts to get a wicked headache apparently. It did look painful and she was holding her head alot and wincing :/. She is a massage therapist so her work is physically demanding and she was telling me before how she can get really tense in her neck and get headaches, but this one she said was the worst one in a long time. I managed to get a kiss out of the situation, though brief by asking her if it would make her feel a bit better. She said no, but I insisted and asked if I could anyway and just took a peck for affection. (good?)

But then she wanted to go home was the thing. She had said she'd probably have to go home if it got worse and it did soo, that's how that goes.

She did have a moment of embarrassment too like "I feel terrible about leaving". I tried to play it cool so I teased her about it a few times as we walked to her car (you don't feel bad at all, but that's no problem. Oh I get it though, you realllly want to catch walking dead with your mom since you guys do always watch it together) and she laughed about it with me and assured me if it was a different reason she would say so. (good?)

I gave her another kiss back at her car and we smooched for a minute then I said "we'll have to get together soon" and she did agree to that notion and I mean she was kissing me and kind of grabbing my front pocket during it (good?).

So I go home. Text her a joke (Headache Puppy meme lmao "Im SO cute, I give MYSELF a headache" funny right? Fits a sassy girl, which she is). She responded like "Thanks?" but that's just her really lol. She's done that before.

So I tell her to feel better and goodnight. No response...no big, she does have a headache after all and I didnt ask anything really so it didnt really require a response.

But then I check the match site, and shes online...for the past 2 hrs now!!!!!!! Okay I can't complain though because she cornered me immediately on date 1 asking if it was alright with me for her to be talking to other guys on there still. And, it was literally a rhetorical question like "if you say no, this date is over..."

SO...what gives!? Very hard to get. What is my next move? I'm thinking just go silent for a few days, let her see that without me around there's little affection (I stopped by her work even once, very conveniently not out of my way, as I was going to dinner and left her an ice treat, yah overboard I know, but she claims it didnt make her uncomfortable).

Anyway I figure I still have a chance because shes dealing with other online guys who are probably just horndogs. Apparently I have outdone all of them so far, thats what she said on the first date at least, and no one else made it to #3 she claimed that on the first date too.. until now I guess. I guess I didnt either yet though...more like 2.5.

HOW CAN I SEAL ANOTHER!? I like this girl alot, she's extremely cute and nice and has a great sarcastic attitude and way about life.

Clearly I've had hiccups. I mean before the first date and after she was texting me plenty (hey you - and such) now we don't talk unless I initiate it and she'll periodically stop talking after a question. I only use my match account to message girls and answer them, and secretly just look at an old message from this girl to see when she was last online without having to view her profile. If it says shes online and she hasnt texted me back or something then I stress out because she's answering other guys, maybe dropping her number out to personally text and then I'm texting her to get responses and shes chatting with these other guys and ignoring me maybe!?

But it's so obvious she's just playing it cool and kind of does like me. I mean you don't just keep letting a guy kiss you and agree to a third date and agree you want a fourth soon after leaving the third too early - you dont do all that if you arent at least remotely interested. I think what it was was that first date just blew her out of the water. But I'm fading fast guys.

What I need is help with getting her back into chasing me. I need a fourth date. And I need her to end up at my place so I can talk to her one on one and see what she's feeling. Then I wont be so gosh dang stressed out and looking like an AFC. She's played it so well, and I'm just dorking around. I decided though. It would be really incredible for her to see me just show her how damn sexy I think she is and how sexy I can be (I do clean up to be pretty damn dapper for a pale white boy, because I'm a gym rat too so I'm like a strong nerd lol).

I think it would really work for me to get her alone and then tell her something like this: "okay, I'm going to cut the bullsh1t here. I've been dorking around too much, being awkward on purpose to mess with you (which I have done a few times and told her), etc. I've had my fun, but I need to tell you now that I want you."

Do this as I grab her wrist/hand gently and pull her to me. Something ultra seductive that she hasnt felt from me yet or would never expect since im the fun dorky type of confident guy (when I am confident that is). I think it would make her go weak in the knees to have me go from just so laid back and kind of nonchalant even about awkward things, to all of a sudden being super manly and sensual showing that I have some moves I just had been keeping them out of the air.

The question is though: how do I go about getting this girl on another date now. What can I fix that I messed up, and what should I just put behind me and not do again, and what can I do now to show her I'm above all the guys she's looking for?

And I know for a fact I've come farther than all the others at this point so I'm confident I can seal it. I mean, if I've gotten farther than all the other guys (and she claims she's never ever had guys really "at her feet" as one her clients told her they should be), then doesn't that infer that I am currently #1 even if it's kind of at her feet LOL. That means she is 100% interested though. It's kind of my theory that interest in men from women is either 100% or 0. It's like, she's either still giving you a green light, or it's solid red and never turning green again. So as long as you can faintly make out the green, you can safely say it's not red, so you're still in go mode. Basically act like you have a green until you know it's red for sure.