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Thread: How much Kino is optimum?!

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    Default How much Kino is optimum?!

    Hi guys,

    I expected to find the answer of this question somewhere in the forum but I did not. Apologies in advance.

    So it's said that we have ti kino when we interact with a woman. But a lot of times I've experienced that women feel uncomfortable with touching and so the whole interaction gets screwed up.

    How much Kino is good? When is the best time to start kinoing? sometimes it's very hard ti kino because you have to sit right in front of the girl. Or the girl is hiding her hands under the table or between her legs! Any tricks for touching in such a situation?

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    Default Re: How much Kino is optimum?!

    I start kino right away.

    If she has her nails done, long nails, interesting bracelet, watch, ring etc. I will comment on how it's interesting. Girls obviously take a lot of time doing nails or shopping for those items. They are more than happy to talk about them.

    When they begin to talk about their nails, take your hand, feel her nails and then feel her hand. Start from there and slowly escalate ( not all at once) during your date.

    You could comment on how smooth her skin is ( you know this by feeling her nails and her hand). Ask her, " Damn, how did you get your skin so smooth." She will talk about soap, hand lotion or body lotion she uses. Now kino by rubbing you hand on her forearm.

    Later on ask her what she uses as a shampoo and conditioner for her hair. You may be able to run your hands through her hair. If she isn't pulling back then lean over and smell her hair. Comment on how good it smells. You have now run a lot kino because you have been allowed into her personal space.

    If it looks like she is feeling uncomfortable then pull back a little and try later. If she is enjoying it then keep escalating. Each girl is different from the other so calibrate at each move.

    At each step of the progression in kino her body language will be giving you the signals to back off or keep proceeding.

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    Default Re: How much Kino is optimum?!

    Look into the DiCarlo Escalation Ladder. He doesn't just talk about overt kino, but also covert. Like turning your back to her, but "accidently" brushing your arm against her breast.

    I agree with the above. I want to throw in there that if you are not sure where to start you can always do a playful shove after she says something that requires one. It's innocent and playful and I think it's the absolute basic way to start kinoing her.
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