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    Default A girl's item held for "ransom"

    The title might seem kinda strange, but it's probably the best way to describe a a not-so-unique but also not-so-common situation. Here's the background:

    A set of 2 girls (one HB8, the other an HB7.5, I think - alcohol was flowing freely) was hanging out at the pool at my apartment complex two weekends ago. I was also hanging out with some of my friends and ended up chatting these girls up for a while. The usual joking around, mild flirting, that sort of thing. The HB 7.5 ended up leaving her cooler at the pool; we didn't notice before they left, and one of my friends picks it up not knowing whose it was at first.

    Fast forward to this past weekend: the HB8 runs into me at a local bar and starts calling me out for "stealing" the cooler - played it off by saying she's profiling me. After a little joking back and forth, I said I'd see if the one my friend picked up was her friend's. Turns out it was. Told her yesterday that it was a match; she said she could get it on Wednesday when she comes back in from a one-night trip she was on today. Also talked about how happy her friend will be since they're leaving for a trip on Thursday.

    So that's where we're at here. I'm trying to think of a clever way I can parlay this into a date with the HB8 on Wednesday instead of just a simple, "Hey, here ya go, now I'll never see ya again" exchange. I was thinking some sort of hokey "It's held for ransom! You ain't getting it that easy!" thing, but that can obviously backfire easily if it's taken the wrong way or if she views it as a way for me to "pay" her for going out on a date - an obvious DLV.

    This might seem like a "specific situation"-type thing here, but this might actually be more common than thought. Girls leave shit everywhere all the time - purses, phones, coolers, virginities, etc. - and it's easy to try playing the "knight in shining armor" so-to-speak, so y'all can probably see how this kind of situation can arise from time to time. So my question to the experts is this: how would you guys handle something like this - both in my specific situation with the cooler, and more generally and generically with something a chick's left behind?

    Please, o experts, enlighten us!

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    Default Re: A girl's item held for "ransom"

    Just tell ask her she'll have to cook for you before she can get her cooler back
    You lose some you win some, learn from your mistakes and get better!

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