So I went on an amazing first date with this girl I met on match (dating site), and had been texting for like a week.

The first date was so good she woke up saying how she dreamed I had kissed her at the end.

So of course we set up date 2 and started to kiss near the end. We got pretty hot, no sex tho (she wasnt going to that time).

She seemed really happy, cuddled up and rested her head on my chest and such.

All is well right? But, she barely texted me back after that and I had to really try to get a third date, but she was busy and tired mostly and it didnt seem like she didnt want to, just wasnt beaming about the next opportunity like I was.

So we finally meet tonight to go bowl and she kind of makes it weird to kiss her cuz shes waiting in the line already so I give her a hug and this awkward stance after like "i want to kiss you but this is way too weird now" so I just laugh at my idoicy and start talking to her and waiting instead.

Shes texting her mom while we play, says shes being guilted about watching a tv show. It seemed super genuine (good?), like "dont worry it's not any random person or friend, I dont want you to think that, because I like you". At least thats how I'd like to read it haha, considering she texted her mom for a bit on our first date too. She IS playing the field though so you never know...

Then she starts to get a wicked headache apparently. It did look painful and she was holding her head alot and wincing :/. I managed to get a kiss out of the situation, though brief. (good?) But then she wanted to go home was the thing. She had said she'd probably have to go home if it got worse and it did sooo, that's how that went.

She did have a moment of embarrassment too like "i feel terrible about leaving". I tried to play it cool so I teased her about it a few times as we walked to her car and she assured me if it was a different reason she would say so. (good?)

I gave her another kiss and we smooched for a minute then I said "we'll have to get together soon" and she did agree and I mean she was kissing me and kind of grabbing my front pocket during it (good?).

I go home. Text her a joke (Headache Puppy meme lmao "Im SO cute, I give MYSELF a headache" funny right? Fits a sassy girl, which she is). She responded like "Thanks?" but that's just her really lol.

So I tell her to feel better and goodnight. No big, she does have a headache after all and I didnt ask anything really so it didnt really require a response.

But then I check the match site, and shes online...for the past 2 hrs now!!!!!!!

Sigh...what gives!? Very hard to get. What is my next move? I'm thinking just go silent for a few days, let her see that without me around there's little affection coming from those around her besides a bunch of online horndogs who apparently I have outdone all of them so far, thats what she said on the first date at least and no one else made it to #3. I guess I didnt either yet though...more like 2.5.

HOW CAN I SEAL ANOTHER!? I like this girl alot, she's extremely cute and nice and has a great sarcastic attitude and way about life.

Currently I have gone cold. Not contacting her until I'm sure what to do or she contacts me.

I also want to know honest opinions: do I still have her interest, maybe she's been on the rag lately and is coming off soon, let me know where you predict this is going.